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We constantly seek talented artists for the purpose of promoting their work, selling them and gaining them the exposure they deserve. To become a member of Art Smiley Artist community, submit your application now.

Exclusive Services for Art Smiley Artists:

Global Exposure

  • Art Smiley offers you the global visibility of your artworks over the mass audience across the globe. 
  • We will promote artists worldwide through online & offline marketing, exhibitions, etc.
  • We conduct online auctions & exhibitions regularly through our website.

Personalized Dashboards

  • Artists have personalized dashboards to see the status of their artworks, exhibitions & virtual auctions details, orders, customer requests for commissioned works, offered prices by clients etc. 
  • Artists can also check the total number of followers, total number of views, likes they got for each artwork.
  • Artists can see latest offers and add their artworks for sale.
  • Artists can rate other artworks and view the reviews of their artworks from customers.

Physical & Virtual Exhibitions

  • Art Smiley conducts physical & online exhibitions to showcase the artworks of  our artists on various themes throughout the year. 
  • Artists can see current, upcoming and previous exhibitions by logging into their account. 
  • Artists can participate in exhibitons by applying online directly from their account.

Benefits of Joining Art Smiley Artist Community

Artist Support

Art Smiley promotes collaboration and support between artists through its platforms and other activities. As part of our mission, we will organize events to support artists worldwide and provide a platform for them to sell and promote their work.

Art Promotion

Art Smiley encourages and promotes art and artists from diverse backgrounds by connecting them and enabling them to share, sell, and interact with prospective buyers. Our company also organizes group & solo art exhibitions and promote exclusively through our social media marketing channels.

Art Auction

Through Art Smiley, you can participate in various art auctions. Our art sales & auctions are conducted in association with art galleries & independent fine artists. Our international auction house conducts live and online auctions of modern and contemporary artworks, sculptures,etc.

Affiliate program

Art Smiley offers the affiliate program that supports the users to refer their friends, families, and customers. Whenever a sale is made the commissions are directed to the affiliates. Artists can also register as affiliates in our platform.

Process of Selling Your Artwork

Pre Screening

To become part of Art Smiley community, Artists must complete the pre-screening application form. Our curator will review your application and reply to you within 4 weeks.

Personalized Dashboard

Once your application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions to login to Art Smiley platform. After login, you will get an access to personalized dashboard.

Upload Artworks

Complete your profile and upload the best artworks you would like to sell with Art Smiley.

Start Selling

Once your artworks are approved by the curator, they will be available for sale. 24/7 online chat support available for any of your queries.


Art Smiley is a multi sided community that connects artists with potential buyers around the world. Artists can sell their work to our network of buyers, interior designers, and collectors. Art lovers can buy or rent artworks from our international community of Artists.

Art Smiley accepts skilled, experienced, and highly acclaimed artists across the globe. Artists and their artworks will go through the curator review process before going live on the platform. We are regarded as a highly curated gallery who look for the artists with outstanding artistic skills and caliber.

Artist profiles and their art works are curated by our experienced curators. Curators will distinguish artists as emerging, acclaimed and masters based on the level of skill, experience, and achievements. The curator decision will be emailed to every artist after reviewing and this process may take up to 4 weeks

 Artists who are interested in registering with Art Smiley must fill down the application form on the website. Our curators will review the applications and approve the artists to collaborate with us. Upon approval, artists can access their dashboards to create their profile and upload artworks.

No. There is no charge for reviewing. The Basic membership is free if accepted. A commission fee is charged by Art Smiley whenever an artwork sells. There are premium subscription options for those who want exclusive services through our platform.

With premium subscription services,

  • Artists can explore the unlimited benefits such as continuous participation in virtual exhibitions and auctions, priority for participation in physical exhibitions. 
  • Artists can upload an unlimited number of artworks to the site, and they also be featured as premium artists to improve their popularity among the audience.
  • Artists will have personalized dashboards to see views and followers, they can see commissioned works & offers sent by our clients.
  • Exclusive promotion & marketing through our website, social media, newsletters etc.

We accept all kinds of arts, crafts and sculptures inlcuding oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolors, resin works, drawings, illustrations, installations, home decor, digital art, prints, fiber glass sculptures, wood sculptures, metal sculptures etc.