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Balucharan Arts



Width (cm): 78, Height (cm): 58

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My art goes to the way that, who we are or what we can, what will be, what is happening. These simple questions are most important or so powerful to make a definition. My art goes to little different way than others have did. My art and its ideologies are based on Hindu concept. Theory of Brahma,(everything is related) essence from Vedas and Upanishads. Because my beliefs and worships are based on these concepts. Visual art is so powerful and helpful medium to innovate and find out new dimensions. I am so interesting and curious with this medium, it leads me to the way that what I would like to be or what I am. A Medium to divulge a secret both negative and positive. My art express my life – it’s past and present, how does a kind of life style related to society and its precious culture. How does a culture practices its own territorial boundaries. How does it related to a global culture, How does it influence the people of those who lived in that territorial boundary, which kind of value it would be created. I get the way both negative and positive sides of a particular culture, because it influence me a lot. I am also a part of in it, but I have a different view on its beauty and try to develop a possible dimension to create a new kind of territorial art. I would like to promote my culture and its specific beauty we ever felt, kind of religious beliefs, lifestyle, ritual practices, worships, faith in god, prayers, it largely connected to my day today life. I would like to express these basic aspects through my own aesthetical dimension for making a powerful art. I know lot of mediums to express my art on the surface, like oil color, charcoal pencils, dry pastels, water color, mixed mediums, acrylic, soft pastels, tempera. I did most of experiments in water color and oil color, because it is so easily to handle and find out new things. I am a good observer of nature. I have been doing almost thousand sketches every day, based on nature, human studies, anatomical details, birds, animals, so I can easily to handle any medium at any time so freely.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions95 x 10 x 10 cm
Painting Color




Materials Used

water colour on handmade paper



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