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“SIB” and “SIV” metal sculptures

Width (cm): 26, Height (cm): 41
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these two are together and somehow they are twins because they are always together. both of them are made up of auto front suspension system parts which are welded together and then painted with gold color spray. and these parts are made up of metals. why i chose 7? as you can see in the pictures these twins both have 7 segments which are welded together on a disk. 7 is a holy number in all different cultures around the world. and this is undeniable. i named these two twins “SIB” and “SIV”. which “SIB” is made up of these two words: “Seven + Branch” and “SIV” is made up of “Seven + Vine”. because “SIB” has seven segments and it is like a branch of tree. and “SIV” has Seven segments too and it is like a cluster of grape fruit, which “V” is sign of “Vine”. these two are twins in which they are complementary. the branch is sign of tree, which will eventually give the fruit. and the vine is sign of cluster of grapes (fruits), first you have to pay attention to the tree, the more you pay attention to the tree, the riper the fruits. and this concept can be generalized to all aspects of life. when you want to fell love, first you have to enlighten love in yourself and then expect love from others, and this is the route. when you want to have a good income, you have to work hard. this means that in the way of reaching every goal first you have to consider the routes ( the branches) and then you will reach. but always you have to keep in mind that this fruit is made up of this tree and always take care and be thankful of the route or the source (the tree).

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Dimensions45 x 10 x 10 cm
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these are auto parts

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