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Secret Lovers


Width (cm): 50, Height (cm): 35

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Moghul Love Painting
This is an inspiration from a beautiful Moghul paintings table calendar I had and I applied the theme in my own imaginative style and but not copied.
The glorious Mughal paintings were derived from traditional style of Persian Art, to portray the royal lifestyles, highlighting the unique rich styles of a colorful, aristocratic, fascinating world of the Mughals.
This painting depicts a sensual world of royal lovers, a beautiful, intimate and romantic peek into the wonderful Mughal Era, reflecting the grandeur and glamour of their lifestyles with their Queens and lovers, the delicate and intricate luxurious jewellery gives a creative and an imaginative glimpse.
The theme with a balance and harmony of color scheme, is a sensual love painting, revealing and provocative, lovers in intimate positions, depicting luxurious world of physical beauty, love lives and lifestyles of Kings and Queens.
It reflects a love affair between a Royal and his beloved, an alluring beauty, in an intoxicated moment of desire between lovers, locked in an erotic embrace in a beautiful garden, to indulge in pure feelings of love and emotions, to touch and feel deep physical passion, arousing pleasure and intimacy.
It captures one’s imagination of a Royal couple spending time together secretly, leisurely, breathing in passion, in the essence of a stimulating luscious landscape.

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Dimensions200 x 10 x 10 cm
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Materials Used

Stretched back stapled acid free gesso primed canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, spatula, palette knife, indegenous tools, Marker pen

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