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Width (cm): 91, Height (cm): 91

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My artwork concepts are indigenously influenced by nature and life itself. The paintings are a reflection of involving all my senses and experiences. My vision is projected into my canvas through my brush strokes and color involvement.
Women have been associated with the physical side of life and us as humans have always compared her to nature. Nature has always taken its own time to grow and nurture itself. Unlike men, a girl goes through different physical changes as she grows into a woman and must absorb and blend with her surroundings.
When we say nature, we don’t only mean plants and animals or the geographical features of our beautiful earth, we also talk about the elements associated with it. That is why my paintings are inspired by nature. It calls out to me in such a profound way, that I feel my soul blend into it. It reminds me of what a wonderful gift it is to be a woman. Just like changing seasons, a woman also goes through different stages in life’ starting from being a little girl playing with dolls and plastic kitchen toys, becoming a teen with complex physical changes in her body, a woman going through the process of childbirth, to a woman who has become wiser with experiences and still a delicate little girl at heart.
There has been several artists in the past and also exist today, at present, who have been greatly inspired by nature and woman. I for one, am inspired by the fusion of both. Women are as mesmerizing and mysterious as nature, unpredictable, and always able to find a way to handle what had been given to them.

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Dimensions95 x 10 x 10 cm
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