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“Footprints in Sand, Trust”


Width (cm): 20.8, Height (cm): 30.5

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“Footprints in Sand” is a portrayal of the cultural icons and milestones in the wonderful journey of the development of UAE. Here, cultural symbols, that made this nation, are represented in papercut design mixed in water colour.
Icon : ثقة(Trust)
Trust is the paramount quality for any community to prosper and grow. The foundation of UAE, stands on trust and mutual understanding. The trust placed by the citizens, on the founding fathers, the trust of people for the leaders and trust between people- they determine the rise and success of this country.
Falconry is a part of life and culture and not just a popular sport and entertainment in UAE. The trust between a falcon and falconer creates a bonding where the falcon submits to the call of the owner and the owner believes in the falcons’ response. The falcon and the falconer hunt together as a team and the trust is strengthened for a lifetime. Similarly, the trust in our daily lives help us to develop as a close knit and strong country strengthened by unity and harmony.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions95 x 10 x 10 cm
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Paper and colour