How It works

Art smiley is a multi-sided web based community intended to serve artists, art lovers and all artistic needs of corporate companies, hotels & restaurant chains.

In art smiley artists can register into the community and upload their art works. All the content placed in art smiley will be curated by experienced art industry professionals and the selected art will be traded through the platform.

Art lovers seeking art can view and buy the art works through the web portal and fulfil their wish to decorate walls. Art lovers can choose between buying the original art work or to rent the original art or they can order a print from the arts available in the website. Art Smiley also offers the services like art framing, delivery and installation of art works at customer doorsteps with in UAE.

Art smiley can also provide special consultancy services to cooperate houses ranging from selecting the theme, providing on site services and offering bespoke solutions from our artist community, installing and delivering the art to your chosen location with in UAE.

  • Why to Buy: Accessible to hand painted art works from international artists selected by professional art curators
  • Why to Rent: Rental option is more economical and will enable you to redecorate your walls on a regular basis which will in fact provide a fresh ambience to your house
  • Why to Print: Fast, easy and economical way to have that art you love, also give you the possibility to have multiple copies of the same art.