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Everyone loves art!! But finding good art works may not be that easy, you may be very busy to stop by that awesome gallery in your neighborhood or not sure the price you are paying is right or you couldn’t afford that hand painted art you loved or even you just wanted the chance to change your art on a regular basis, but you are not sure how to do it? For all these problems our solution is ArtSmiley.

Art Smiley is a multi-sided online community which represents Artists, Art lovers and corporate houses in fulfilling their art needs. The traditional art market is predominantly controlled by art galleries, which are not always accessible to upcoming artists, art lovers and often perceived them as high cost and high end products. ArtSmiley is aimed at resolving these problems of art-lovers with the intention to make art more accessible at a reasonable cost

It is our intention to provide a community to the upcoming and Experienced artists with the possibility to show case their work and get reputation in the art world. Further to Artists and Art lovers, ArtSmiley also provide end to end consulting services to corporate companies, who can view, buy, rent or order prints of art works from ArtSmiley web community. On customer request, Art Smiley also offers delivery and installation services to their door step on specified regions.

All our art works are selected by professional curators with expertise in selecting the best pieces of art from all regions. All the original art works are provided with certificate of authenticity and we ensure best services and quality of art works supplied to our customers at all time.

Our Vision

ArtSmiley was created with the vision to make art accessible and affordable to every community and bring upcoming artists and art-lovers together into one community.

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