Shobha Iyer

Name: Shobha.s.iyer Freelancer artist, 16 yrs in this art field. I am A self-taught artist, still trying to learn to be a freelance artist. I'm based in Dubai. I am basically a person who loves being with colour and its various combinations, let it be my day to day attire or my art, no compromise . I love myself, in-turn I love my work too. I love to do oil colors, but lately I have been working with various other mediums too.-latest(murals),mixed media etc... "I'm enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imaginations. Imagination is more important than, knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.-"Albert Einstein". The above saying suggests that it is the imagination which creates art. When I sit to paint my imagination goes deep into the painting. It emotes the colors,the expressions and the feelings with my magical hands , brush and paints. As an artist I take enough time to pick the right materials-canvas, paints, techniques to use for my painting. I'm very passionate about my work. Which is the reason my work is very different. My work mostly consists of portraits, and contemperorary art, till today I try various methods and techniques on canvas. My journey as an artist started from home, the first time when I had exhibited around at my residence here in Dubai and the response n experience was great and from there on I moved on to doing on various platforms in Dubai and today I can proudly say that I have come a long way exploring n experiencing various platforms and have reached to a level to take part in exhibitions out side dubai .My latest addition to my working skill is murals, this was a real challenge. Then I developed the love for painting on fabrics n hence now doing various- murals to contemporary art on various types of fabrics. I don't want to stand and explain my art. My art speaks, gives the inner feelings n I use lots of vibrant colours which gives a positive feel.

Shobha Iyer is a freelance artist based in Dubai, UAE with 16 years of experience. This includes private & public tutoring, participating in exhibitions with Artworks in Oil & Acrylic on Canvas, Mixed Media, Murals and Fabric, creating Art works for Restaurants & cultural places as well as Consulting.   List of Exhibitions Participated 1. At Dubai Residence - September2004 2. Arte Exhibitions - Time Square Mall – 3 exhibitions between 2005-2008 3. Arte Exhibitions - Dubai Festival City Mall - 4 exhibitions between 2005-2008. 4. Art Nations – Dubai Global Village January 2011 5. Spring Fair- Palm Jumeirah – April 2011 6. The Divine Pallete- Thalam Art Gallery, Bangalore, India -April 2015 7. ”Art is Life, Life is Art” - Antique Museum Dubai - September 2017 8. India Art Festival - Nehru Center, Mumbai, India - February 2018

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