Tatiana Ignat

My name is Tatiana Ignat. I am professional painter living in Chisinau Moldova. Many things inspire me: bright colors and nuances, patterns and ornaments. They are captivating and charming. I am inspired by nature: flowers, landscapes and seasons. I adore city panoramic views ... fire shows ... and remarkable persons. ... Autumn fragrance of fallen leaves, moisture and veil... Topics and subjects of the paintings come to me on its own. There are a lot of pictures, images and styles in my head and I need to pick out the most interesting of them which I'll paint. Another part of my life are marshal arts. I began practicing aikido at young age. I have passed the exam on black belt degree, next began to practice jiu-jitsu and kickboxing. I entered the Physical Culture and Sports University in Chisinau on specialty bodyguard and graduated it with honors in . My day starts early in the morning with painting. I paint all day long, but evening I practice Self-defense for women. Now I am not only a painter but marshal art coach too. It is the best schedule of the day. My favorite styles are are realism, impressionism and art nouveau. Realism shows artist's mastery, impressionism is full of colors, art nuveau is pure style. It is extremely pleasant when you are interested in my paintings. I am achieving my paintings to be beautiful, pleasing to the eyes and clear. I would like my paintings make to feel inspiration, delight or admiration, calmness or elation. I dream my paintings make feel growing wings behind your back, dear viewer! Thank you for visiting my shop!

A stylish interior is always amplified with unique and precious art pieces and accessories. We are presenting to you authentic art works created in a classical oil painting technique. There are also artworks made in a rare technique of combining watercolors and crayons; the process of creating the later is done in layers, for that reason it takes from two to six month for one painting to be created. You can purchase a completed work of art or order a portrait, painting or an artwork in oil painting technique. Every painting by Tatiana Ignat comes with a certificate of authenticity. The certificate is used as proof of the authenticity of the artwork. Most important things in my creation are quality and responsibility. Only expensive high-quality bets materials: paper, paints, canvases are used. I USE ONLY SUB FRAMES (stretched bars) ORDERED FROM CARPENTER AND STRETCHED WITH CANVAS AND PRIMED BY MYSELF. I DO NOT USE SUB FRAMES (stretched bars) purchased in the store because they can warp after years of using under the influence of temperature difference, the tension to the canvas or thin wood. The paintings are shipping unframed. You can frame the paintings in a regional picture shop or wherever picture frames are. Also the painting can be framed by your request. Contact me with any questions.

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