About Anwaar Haddadin and Her Participation at Art Smiley Exhibition

September 21, 2019 By ArtSmiley in ArtSmiley Exhibition
Anwaar Haddadin an artist from Jordan, residing in United Arab Emirates. A create colourful and soothing abstract art, it’s called abstract expressionism, and what she’s doing now is something she has been trying to do for most of her adult life. It’s all about intuitively working with paint; throwing paint down and seeing how it reacts together. It’s a very give-and-take communication between the artist and the paint and the chemical reactions that happen. When She found this style it really excited her and it opened up things for her that she was waiting to open up.
Adds a whole new dimension of possibilities in the abstract form. Abstract paintings texture art looks great as wall decor, and texture art interact with your room decor in a whole different way. Texture art texture paintings pop out of your wall and becomes an attractive focal point of any room.
Anwaar Haddadin discovered her own way of creating my abstract artworks by using different techniques. In most of the paintings she used solid wood in different sizes with acrylic colors and covered with a layer of resin to preserve the colors and materials as well as the canvas.
There will always be new things to learn and experiment with, and new ways to grow as an artist so she studied art at the Sharjah Art Institute 2015 in United Arab Emirate.
Anwaar saw a lot of intriguing image to learn more about liquid art. The artistic and creative part was screaming, and she had to understand how it was done.
Canvas and Wood Panel: finished with Gesso as a first layer special for wood panel and start painting, She use brushes, pallet knives, little pipettes, craft sticks, straws to blow out of, a hairdryer — and she had recently invested in an air compressor, and she can also tilt the canvas to move the paint.
The medium: Anwaar used both Acrylic and Resin paints for making masterpieces, used solid wood (handmade) in different sizes with acrylic colors and after the entire artwork is completely dry, the painting will be coated by resin to protect form dust and moisture.
Gold Resin Work
Anwaar Haddadin was partcipated in Art Smiley Abstract Exhibition with her painting called “Gold”. First, She painted the wood in a Black color as the Protective layer of protection and then began the second layer mixing black with brushing the entire painting and then she used her technique of the golden color, covered with two layers of Resin. All sides are painted in a Bronze color. You can hang it the way you want to give the place more beauty.
Please see her profile and her creations here and can order artworks online:

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