Latha Narayan works at Art Smiley Exhibition

Artist Latha Narayan Works at Art Smiley Impressionism Exhibition

September 20, 2019 By ArtSmiley in ArtSmiley Exhibition

Latha Narayanan, is an artist residing in the UAE for the past few years. She is known by the artist name “Kani”. Well versed in different techniques including portrait, Kerala mural painting, still life, decoupage and fabric painting, the artist has several commissioned paintings to her credit. Art has been a way of life for her since childhood. She grew up observing the colors around her and how they give essence to everything. She likes to capture this essence in paint using different media, art forms and techniques. She is constantly on the lookout for new ways of expression and her zen moment is when art transforms and brings to life, the true essence of her subject.

She have displayed my art in few places and have been fortunate in getting commissioned art work. The paintings Kani exhibited at Art Smiley impressionism Exhibition are an expression of an old technique in a contemporary setting. Dots and lines were used in folk art in southern India to fill or show gradation of a particular colour. She  used this technique to express her art set in contemporary style.

divine budda painting

The “Divine Buddha” is inspired from illustration seen in the Ajanta caves located in Maharashtra, India. Acrylic on canvas painting. This painting has been inspired from the Buddhist inscriptions and drawings on the walls of Ajantha caves. She used the technique of dot impressions to mix and blend colours to get the desired effect. In this painting, the Buddha is in his highest form as a teacher, his hands forming the shape of a wheel, symbolizing the “turning of wheel of dharma” (Dharmachakra).


Birds in Paradise

Two Bamboos- symbol of love”. Acrylic on canvas painting. According to Chinese Fengshui, two bamboos symbolizes love. She always wondered at the different colors nature throws up. the vivid colors and beauty of our winged friends never fails to amaze me. She tried to express how the pure beauty and vitality of the bird’s blends with nature to create a perfect harmony of colors to make a divine painting.


Please Visit the Art Smiley Exhibition at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel to see Kani Works.

You can also see her works online and order them here:



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