Artist Hafsa Rasool at Art Smiley Exhibition

Hafsa Rasool Participation at Art Smiley Exhibition Dubai

August 14, 2019 By ArtSmiley in Abstract, ArtSmiley Exhibition

Inspired by the work of Shakeel Siddiqui and A Q Arif, Hafsa Rasool is a Pakistan based painter and designer, who specializes in simplified, yet bold, abstracts and landscapes. She was selected finalist at Ramadan Art Competition, held in UAE in 2019.

She has avoided affiliation with any group or movement. In her work. Hafsa’s distinction lies in the fascinating dialogue between realism and more abstract tendencies in modernism.

Her love with nature, specially landscape of Pakistan, is evident in each stroke and curve. Her subtle realist techniques for depicting light and weather is something an art collector can cherish.

Partially, inspired by the work of Rind A. S., her depiction of human feelings, emotions and nature touch an individual’s soul. Because of her affiliation with art collectors from the gulf, you can see glimpses of Arabian art and culture in her work.

She is a Fine Art Graduate from University of Gujrat and has been working passionately, and professionally, for the last 6 years. She is also passionate about technology in design and art and is working as a Visual Art Lead at a technology company.

The medium: Used both Acrylic and Oil paints for making masterpieces.

Tools:   mostly used 90% brushes and 10 % palette knife for the art process.

UV coating: After the entire artwork is completely dry, the painting will be coated by “Winsor and newton”gloss varnish to protect form dust and moisture.

Hafsa Rasool exhibiting at Art Smiley Abstract exhibition from July & August at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Dubai. Please come and visit the exhibition to explore her abstract creations. Exhibition is open 24/7.


Community Collage 


  • The clay foundation in the painting depicts the deep cultural roots of UAE that is related to desert. Above the desert foundation you can see colors and other elements that are separated by thin lines, depicting the concept that in UAE one can maintain his/her identity while living peacefully with others. Inspired by different human emotions that define who we are, and how they merge to give meaning to life.


You Go Girl

  • Brief description of concept behind artwork: The painting defines how the woman of UAE inspire the women around the world. How they have taken the lead in every walk of life. Strength, Ambition, Hope, Courage, Loyalty, Family, Love, Beauty, Empowerment – Are the words that come to my mind when I look at these ladies in every walk of Life. Lead the Way – You Go Girl!


seascape by hafsa rasool


Artist Hafsa Rasool talking about her abstract works at Art Smiley Exhibition :

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