Najmunnisa Mohaf work

Najmunnisa Mohaf Participation at Art Smiley exhibition in July 2019 – Dubai

July 25, 2019 By ArtSmiley in ArtSmiley Exhibition

Najmunnisa Mohaf is a 25 year old self taught Indian Artist settled in the UAE . Art has always been a passion for Najmunnisa.

Despite being a mother of two lovely baby girls she has always made time for art , creating and recreating different forms and finding new and variety means of medium and technique. Family is her backbone. Getting inspired from anyone, even from a small kid is something she love the most and that’s what has made her what she is now.

Her art always tries to add in some piece of psychological touch of the human thoughts and how it depicts in life . Bright colours as well as soft toned once are at her pallete always .To inspire the life of others through her piece of art is her motive .

A home maker with a bachelors degree in commerce, art has been her passion since childhood. She had just started taking major steps in the public with setting exhibitions at a few pop up markets among the local community in the region which was a great success. Looking ahead to do more and more.

Najmunnisa exhibiting her painting called  “Let The Colours Reflect” at Art Smiley Abstract Exhibition.

Let the Colours Reflect

As the name suggests, the artist has tried to interpret how once life is reflected at various spheres of life by using the mirror pieces,  to which , it would reflect based on the angle you look at and other mediums like glitter powder and aluminium metal powder to show how our life gets affected by everything around.

The art work has a base of Acrylic colours added on top with various others mediums , such as mirror pieces,  glitter powder , aluminium metal powder and stone pieces with a layer of varnish coating to protect the  art piece.

This piece of art added with good lighting will definitely be a masterpiece to your house or office and is definitely a best gift piece .

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