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Kavitha Murali Acrylic & Fluid Art works at Art Smiley Exhibition in July 2019

July 21, 2019 By ArtSmiley in Abstract, ArtSmiley Exhibition

Kavitha Murali is a prolific painter, of the natural world. Being in sync with nature is good for the soul. Through her art work, she tries to bring the outside in. She believes in creating beautiful paintings that pay tribute to the natural world and its abundance. Her goal is to inspire those who see her work to discover beauty in unusual places.

Artist Kavitha works at Art exhibiton


Artist Kavitha abstract works


Artist Kavitha fluid 3D works


Artist Kavitha works

We all are busy looking for patterns, set structures to define our lives whereas they never exist; its often unstructured and unusual yet colorful happenings create our lives! As an artist Kavitha sees the world as it is and wants everyone to enjoy life as it unfurls through her fresh and effervescent expression of colors. In fact, she calls her work as ‘unusual creativity’ as she sees most of the creative work today is falling into a pattern or a genre whereas individual expressions never fall into patterns!

As a child she has always dreamt of colors filling a life span, refreshing, mesmerizing, tantalizing, reinvigorating and loving; these dreams were so powerful that she wanted the world to experience and feel the way she always felt. She creates abstracts with acrylic pour, mix media and the tradition painting to bring life into people’s lives.

Kavitha is a human resource specialist turned artist draws your senses to see the world as abstract and colorful as it is. Each one of her work is created to enjoy life in its unexplained, unstructured and its unusual ways…

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Abstract resin Work


Sun flower 3D artwork



Abstract Pink Resin

Abstract Pink Resin


Kavitha Murali describing about her acrylic pour & fluid art creations:

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