Iram at Art Smiley Exhibtion

Iram S. Ahmad Participation at Art Smiley Abstract Art Exhibition in July 2019

July 15, 2019 By ArtSmiley in Abstract, ArtSmiley Exhibition
Iram S. Ahmad is an artist and fashion designer based in the U.A.E. She love to beautify everything around her, and she tried to integrate her fashion and styling knowledge into her artworks.

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Iram take inspiration from various disciplines – cultures, objects, nature, fashion, colour analysis and archetype styling. She believe, an artist should add a unique, personal touch to each artwork and every artwork she produce, has its own story and own beauty.
Iram also love making creative digital prints (for clothing) , first by using mixed media and hand drawing during the experimentation stage, and the final stage contains digital art and editing. She feel, digital prints are a great way to integrate art with fashion.
Iram have showcased my artworks in ARTE, – The Maker’s Market, several times. The response from there motivated her to pursue her career in art.
Publishing Iram paintings on the Artsmiley website has also given her a lot of confidence and support as a budding artist. Her latest collection is inspired by the galaxy and the mood is artistic, dreamy and ethereal.
Iram works at Art Smiley Exhibtion
These are three of her selected paintings for the Artsmiley Exhibition at Double Tree By Hilton – June 2019.
“Smoking Galaxy” – Acrylic paint on paper.
The lady is speaking the language of planets, the galaxy and dreams. I used the acrylic pour technique and combined it with the galaxy theme, to create something unique with the smooth flowing organic lines. The mood is dreamy and artistic, with deep cool colours and flowing lines to give an ethereal feel.
Inspiration from Galaxy, planets, Acrylic pour.
“Sparkling Flowers” – Oil pastels and pencils on paper .
I wanted to combine the galaxy along with my signature flowers, so I drew carnations by pencil and paired them with the galaxy in oil pastels. The mood is dreamy and magical, combining the intricate layers of carnations along with the blended cool colours of the galaxy. The stars add a beautiful sparkle to the painting.
Inspiration from Galaxy, milky way, carnations, sparkle.

“Intricacy” – 3D artwork.

This mixed media, 3D artwork is made using pieces of crepe paper sculpted with curves. It depicts the infinite depth of the ocean using intricate layers of crepe paper. It used a gradient to show the different shades of blue seen in the ocean. This artwork  illustrates the beauty of the Ocean in a very unique manner.

Inspiration from Seascape.

Visit our Art Smiley Exhibition at Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Business bay, Dubai, where you can see Iram works and few more Amazing Abstract Artists creations.

Artist Iram Ahmad talking at Art Smiley Exhibition:


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