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Sumedha Randev Goel Abstract works at Art Smiley Exhibition

July 10, 2019 By ArtSmiley in Abstract, ArtSmiley Exhibition

Where there is wisdom, there is light……

All the Holy Scriptures say that aware or not, we are all on an ethereal path in search of our inner peace.   The secret of successful living is the knowledge of self-realization that empowers and manifests itself in various ways.  Sumedha Randev Goel paint with this philosophy in her heart and with her brush.

Sumedha Randev Goel is an Indian artist based in Dubai and have been painting since she was a child. Her formal training in Fine Art began under the renowned Indian artist, Kavita Jaiswal in 2002. Before taking up art, She was a Visual Merchandiser by profession and worked in the corporate world for 13 years, for international brands.

Sumedha Randev Goel paintings are modern, contemporary works on Canvas and paper portraying the belief that active life rests on thoughtful reflection. Her paintings take inspiration from her love for vibrant colors and the ever-giving nature. The form and color seems to be exist for each other in a nurturing space, which gives the freedom to reflect on life even in the midst of mundane and the ordinary.

Many homes around the world have Sumedha paintings in their private collections. She has participated in various group exhibitions in India and Dubai.

In Dubai, one of the paintings from her current series, won a place in the Top 20 Emerging Artists in a competition organised by World Art Dubai 2019.

Another painting was chosen from among 400 entries and on display at the ‘Women in Art’ exhibition in Dubai in March 2019. One of her watercolor paintings is chosen along with 10 other artists’ works to represent Team UAE in the Olympiart 2019 hosted by IWS India in December 2019 in India.

Currently Sumedha Randev Goel is exhibiting her works at Art Smiley Exhibition in Double Tree by Hilton Business Bay Dubai.


Art Smiley exhibition sumedha work


Art Smiley exhibition sumedha works


Deep Thought

Deep Thought – Mixed Media on deep edged Canvas

Deep Thought:

Everyone has a favourite place where one would want to be – away from the daily madness of everyday life and be able to think deeper about the more important things. For me it is in the lap of nature, a field of colourful, fragrant flowers. This abstract painting is one such field of flowers that instantly pulls you into it and takes you where the thoughts can be recollected and the soul transported to a peaceful, calm, beautiful realm.


Tranquil Energy

Tranquil Energy – Mixed media on paper


Tranquil Energy:

This abstract painting takes inspiration from nature depicting a field of flowers that represent a tranquil energy that only the color purple can portray.  Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red, often associating it with royalty and nobility.



Flaming Sapphire (1 & 2 – dyptic)

Flaming Sapphire (1 & 2 – dyptic):

Mixed media on deep edged Canvas. This abstract painting has been inspired by the most beautiful creation of Nature – Flowers.  This field of flowers has the rays of dawn falling upon it and illuminating it in such a way that it looks like flaming Sapphires.



Spring Forward

Spring Forward:

Mixed media on paper. This painting celebrates spring. It holds the promise of new life, urges you to take on a new adventure and expose you to the beautiful colors that only spring can bring. So spring forward to the new and enjoy this ode to mother nature

To see Sumedha Randev Goel works, Visit our Art Smiley Abstract Exhibition at Double tree by Hilton Hotel , Business Bay, Dubai

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Sumedha Randev Goel talking about her works at Art Smiley Exhibition:



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