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Article in Royal Monaco about Raouf Meftah, ArtSmiley Artist of The Month for November

December 20, 2018 By ArtSmiley in Artist of the month, Press Releases

The famous Art Magazine ROYAL MONACO published a great article with Tile as DUBAI: RAOUF MEFTAH SELECTED ARTSMILEY ARTIST OF MONTH FOR NOVEMBER on Page 24. It is very honorable and selective to occupy such a page, it is exceptional, the magazine is distributed to celebrities and stars (princes, princess, public figures, artists, actors etc) in Monaco, Italy, Cannes and Nice Côte d’Azur. Royal Monaco was founded by Luigi Mattera is the first web magazine of Monaco transformed into a written press!  ART, CULTURE, SOCIETY of the Ligurian Riviera and the French Riviera!

The Article content is as follows:


ArtSmiley, a Dubai based online Art Gallery is proud to select Mr. Raouf Meftah as Artist of the Month for November. His Calligraphy is unique and has an amazing grace. Mr. Raouf Meftah has an art of creating inspiring Calligraphy paintings with supreme care. Just like it is wonderful to hear a resonant and controlled voice chanting prayers, seeing the paintings carefully drawn gives joy. His work is effortless, classy and absolutely stunning. His love for the art of calligraphy shows through in every painting he completes. ArtSmiley is an online community , which represents upcoming and experienced Artists from all over the world. As a reputed online gallery in Dubai we have over thousands of all types of artworks including Calligraphy, Abstract, Figurative, City Scape, LandScape, Portraits, Spirituality, Pietra Dura Works, Sculptures etc. They sell high quality and affordable Original Paintings, Prints and also renting the artworks on monthly basis. ArtSmiley will also provide Silhouette Artists, Caricature Artists, Speed Painters, Live Painters, Origami Artists etc for any Events in UAE.

The international Artist Raouf Meftah shines in Dubai and amazes the audience.

The talent of Raouf Meftah was well distinguished in Dubai where he was selected by the prestigious gallery ArtSmiley as the ARTIST OF THE MONTH of November: a distinction well deserved following the performance of his work creating a universe well different to other calligraphy. Works where colors and letters are in perpetual motion and an abstract and energetic work in calligraphy is the excellence in this art always attracting the attention of the observer!

Have a look at the full coverage here:

A video of his Calligraphy works :

Raouf Meftah Calligraphy

Here are some works that are displaying in the ArtSmiley online Gallery:

Raouf Meftah Profile





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