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ArtSmiley Artist of The Month for November – Raouf Meftah

November 29, 2018 By ArtSmiley in Artist of the month

Raouf Meftah, calligraphy artist born in 1976, has received many prizes, has exhibited his paintings in Tunisia, Egypt, France and in Monaco. He has received the third international prize from UNESCO in 1999.

His love for calligraphy art and discovering art styles built his wealth and transmit it through his work. His calligraphy is the fruit of this wealth that raises questions. His calligraphy is unique and combined to other artistic techniques; they touch the heart and catch the eye of the public. Thanks to a perfect harmony between the artistic techniques, oriental and occidental ones: they create universal art where everybody can find himself and discussing with his creations.

The absence of texts in many calligraphy doesn’t subtract anything from the story told in them. His calligraphy is a perfect combination of colors and curves, a story which hides another in each detail and in each ornament, and we can discover many episodes in the same painting and sometimes well hidden, you just have to find the best way to communicate with his work because it invites us to look and admire his paintings by the heart before the eyes.

In other words, calligraphy is from his spirit and soul, so the painting is the fruit of his imagination. To communicate with his work is to allow our soul to project us far away from our imagination. Mastering the two techniques is like comparing our soul to an imaginary world.

This is how he challenges us and how he built his style, unique for him.

A Complete video of his Calligraphy works :

Raouf Meftah Calligraphy

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