Simona Jachimova

ArtSmiley Artist of The Month for October – Simona Jachimecova

October 28, 2018 By ArtSmiley in Artist of the month

I was born and raised in Slovakia and for the last past 7 years I have been living in Dubai. My artwork is created through a combination of intuition and deep connection to the inspiration of the creation itself. Each painting is filled with multiple layers of paint, building a rich history and story into each piece.

I’m influenced by the work of Lee Krasner, Joan Mitchell, Willem de Kooning, Van Gogh and Monet. To paint, I solely use my fingers in order to provide me an intimate connection to my work. I choose vibrant, contrasting colors in order to best demonstrate and communicate my emotions and experiences.

My aspiration is that my paintings bring harmony, resonance and beauty into people`s lives. I have participated in several group exhibitions in Dubai and my artwork were displayed at the La Dame Art gallery in Central London. A collection of my work was selected to be exhibited across the Head office of Emirates Airline in Dubai.

In February I held my own solo exhibition called ” Serendipity” in Sharjah. I was shorlisted artist for the International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai and I was featured artist in the Middle East Art Collector book . The Most recently i exhibited my new art pieces in the Etihad Modern Art gallery in Abu Dhabi.

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