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ArtSmiley Artist of The Month for August– Shobha Iyer

August 28, 2018 By ArtSmiley in Artist of the month

Shobha Iyer is a self-taught, Dubai based freelance artist, still trying to learn the vast world of Art.  My love is colors and its vast combinations.  This reflects in my daily attire and Artworks and in both, I do not compromise.  Though my indulgence has been predominantly Oil colors from start, I have over the years worked extensively with Water, Acrylic, Mixed Media and Fabric Colors.

“I’m enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imaginations. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge Is limited.  Imagination encircles the world” – Albert Einstein

As an Artist, I deeply identify myself with this saying.  I realise that every day when I start my Artwork, I loose myself, thinking about the work at hand and colors,  I let my thoughts run wild before I settle into what I feel would best suit that work at that moment.  Tell me to do the same Artwork again; I would not be able to.  What I imagine at that moment reflects in the sketches I draw, colors I use and sub-consciously guides my hands, brush strokes and paints mixes which translates that imagination of the moment.

Being passionate, I am extremely selective of the tools I use at work.  I spend significant time picking the right material be it Canvas, Paints, Brushes and other tools.  This I feel, reflects on my work and its variety, both of which I feel is quite different from others. My varied work consists of Portraits, Landscape in both Modern and Contemporary Art forms. My latest work with Murals, using water colors, has been very challenging since this type of work is extremely high on detailing, takes months to finish and quite a back breaking experience,  The end product is much appreciated and sought by Art lovers  . Over the past 4 years, I also learnt and developed the love for painting on Fabrics on which I use any art form be it Murals, Contemporary or as required.

It is interesting to note that my journey as an artist started from home in 2004, when I exhibited 1st time with more than 20 Artworks.   That response and experience encouraged me enough to where I am today after 14 years, 16 exhibitions (UAE and India) and extensive Print and TV Media coverage in both countries. I am pleased that in this time, I have been able to explore and experience different exhibition platforms, which has given me the confidence to now exhibit internationally with an upcoming event in USA in mid-2018.

 Exhibitions Participated:

  1. At Dubai Residence – September2004
  2. Arte Exhibitions – Time Square Mall – 3 exhibitions between 2005-2008
  3. Arte Exhibitions – Dubai Festival City Mall – 4 exhibitions between 2005-2008
  4. Art Nations – Dubai Global Village January 2011
  5. Spring Fair- Palm Jumeirah – April 2011
  6. The Divine Pallete- Thalam Art Gallery, Bangalore, India -April 2015
  7. ”Art is Life, Life is Art” – Antique Museum Dubai – September 2017
  8. India Art Festival – Nehru Center, Mumbai, India – February 2018


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