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Artwork featured on Timeout magazine

July 19, 2018 By Veda NG in Press Releases


Timeout magazine reviewing the artist’s solo exhibition, “Paper Embroidery” as follows:

Local artist Veda Ng shows viewers the beauty of ordinary scenes in her series of gold-leafed watercolour paintings

Local artist Veda Ng takes inspiration from a famous Chinese prose “The lotus remains pure, untouched by the slush” to create delicate watercolor paintings featuring scenes of ordinary children, flowers, and animals in their natural surroundings. Full of childlike wonder and curiosity, Ng’s paintings captures a certain nostalgia from her travels and experience living in the city while incorporating cultural motifs and symbolism in her canvases.

Ng’s signature use of gold-leafing and embroidery can be seen in this series, highlighting her view on the importance of Asian culture and traditional techniques, these works encourage viewers to see the simplistic yet unassuming beauty of our daily lives as well as the importance of those feelings that make us feel at home.

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