Same Planet

Same planet

August 31, 2017 By Iryna Litvinova in Iryna Blog

I got a chance to feel this part of the world, to understand whether it takes me to the nature or not, whether there is a place to me here and if I can feel, feel I live and I am the part of this universe, and not just a robot in the apartment … We drove out of town …. you would say – that’s fine.
At first it was quite creepy- darkness, desert, no specification of the correct browser to encourage any mild anxiety inside, I even was regret for asking my husband to leave the city, but fortunately we found the path to the destination. We went to the park – it was a closed guarded area in the desert, with a fitted, with old stile stone place for a picnic. Yes, it is true, but only in this way one can feel safe for 80% in the wilderness. Let’s look at that for Slavonic human desert – a fairy tale, a mystery, a sea of sand, the heat, camels, the wind. But there still are very real scorpions and snakes, wild dogs maybe … “surprises” might not be pleasant. We are not a lot of lost and accidentally found an ancient castle like a structure I had seen before only in the internet. It does not seem to palaces in Istanbul, where I’ve been previously, this is cardinally different, but that the building breathes a real mystery, and I really want to go inside in day time and get on the tour, so I was very interested in this place.
Upon arrival at your destination, we looked around, found a cozy place on the edge of the cliff, and my men set the fire))) However, for the first 10 minutes I was in a light shock – I saw stars, I breathe fresh air, I set foot on the ground without asphalt … believe me, after being only in a flat or mall-the feeling that I’ve got meant a lot.
We had food and went to look at the stars …. the truth, there are no words to describe it, I realize that these moments I’ll remember for all my life. I looked at my husband from another point of view, I am in a pleasant shock of the fact that he was satisfied also, he always said that he was quite into computers, coffee, movies, but that time he felt different, and he liked it. Nevertheless, I am glad, and I hope that it will be a start for feeling more like a part of the nature.
I did m best to feel here and now, to breathe deeply, to see everything alive and remember those moments. I admire the stars, feel the smell of smoke of the fire, it reminded me of the home, the house in the Ukraine, it had the same smells and the same stars above. Thank you for this evening. People, please remember that you are the part of the nature, the part of the universe, which is the perfect creation and which we often forget about. Take care, enjoy, take care of all living …. Earth – it is first of all our home. This is not an apartment, machinery or equipment.

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