let’s start

August 31, 2017 By Iryna Litvinova in Iryna Blog

Let’s start. First of all please excuse my English, I am just learning it…
Saudi Arabia is the country for me and a real mystery as I’ve never thought of appearing here. It’s like another planet for a Slavic women like me. People of different mentality and different views are all around. In the evenings I often look at the moon and the stars realizing that they are the only one thing connecting me with the homeland now. Often when remembering some small stories of my past life, I do not betray their values, and now they are the diamonds of my memory. Smells … well, it is generally a separate topic. The scent of fresh wind, rain, snow, smoke of cigarettes … My father’s pets, or my cat Lilly, I remember her scent (like baked milk), the tenderness of her feet, those eyes that say a lot. My dog Hera – faithful, kind, playful creature.
My garden, young fern shoots, ivy ( we shall return to it as for me it is a significant plant). Our native food, I had never thought I could want so much our herring, cheese cakes, black bread, borscht, cabbage rolls. .. Yes, I’ve tried to cook borsch and cabbage rolls, but believe me it’s not the same as at home. Oh, I write and I remembered the taste of cheesecakes by my great-grandmother, they were salty and incredibly delicious. Oh, it’s all in the past, now we need to get used to the new, it is difficult, but I believe that it is possible.
But this is a new book in life and this is a new wave of my creativity and creating pictures

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