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ArtSmiley Artist of The Month for June – Sanjoy Patra

June 12, 2017 By ArtSmiley in Artist of the month

Sanjoy Patra is a talented and a promising artist, who has always kept spellbinding people with his artworks. Sanjoy pursued his BFA and MFA from Kala Bhavan, Shantiniketan (Kolkata). He has been a part of many group shows in India and abroad. He has also participated in several workshops across the country. He is a recipient of Academy Awards from Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata), Atul Bose’s Award from Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) and Governor Award from Academy of Fine Arts (Kolkata) as well.
Taking inspiration from Hindu mythological tales, Sanjoy brings in contemporary references making them pun with reality. Where in some of his works he articulates how cyber culture has become an integral part of our life and we are living in cyber-dominated world. His selection of colours is vivid with meticulous attention to detail. Mostly working with Acrylic, Sanjoy has a beautiful perspective which is reflected in body of works. Currently the artist lives and works in Gurgaon, India.

Check out Sanjoy Patra Artworks here:

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