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ArtSmiley Artist of the month for April – SK. Sahni

April 3, 2017 By ArtSmiley in Abstract, Artist of the month, Color Paint, Painting

S.K Sahni was born in Pind Dadan Khan District, Jhelum in 1937. Sahni studied art at the J. J. School of Art in Mumbai and did his MFA in Drawing and Painting from Meerut University and worked at the prestigious National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.

His work reminds me of a famous quote by the painter Paul Klee “A line is a dot that went for a walk”. Lines express the idea of the journey/movement from one point to the other. Sahni’s processes of the works are very simple; parallel lines anywhere on paper or canvas and then with these lines artist just ‘PLAY’ with his works. If we look at his work, we feel that he keeps drawing lines till a point when art himself/herself says that they cannot hold line anymore. The flat color background he employs in his works enhance the drawings. He applies acrylic colours, mostly shades of blue or green which intensify the effect of his lines.

He says that “straight line is pure, unsentimental and unconditional of any subjective feeling but when it is placed in conjunction with other lines, it may evoke in us different moods, feelings and sensibilities”. Moreover, his lines move in different directions as if it moves freely in space. He creates an imaginative space within space with the help of lines.  He has titled his work as ‘space’. As the title suggests, it favors non-traditional approaches to compositional dilemmas. Moreover, his deconstructive approach to space seems to have brought the art in new myriad of perspectives.

You can see his artworks here:


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